Portal with RTX looks kinda bad. At least from the screenshots.

Leading by example is beautiful and noble. But if you do close to 0 people filtering, it's absolutely pointless.

We're so bleeding edge that I often look into master branches of all projects and that's usually what we have running.
Except for when we don't, and then it's really embarassing.

Scraping kubelet metrics with a single prometheus if you want your tenants to have full automony is not all that great. It took me whole day to find multiple pod autoscalers fighting over the same deployment, producing dozens of pods every second, increasing cardinality of everything by a metric shit ton. Awful experience, would not recommend.

I kinda understand the companies like Synology or Ubiquity that they cheap out on small things like cooling fans, they are competing on price heavily, but wouldn't it be awesome if they allowed you to pay extra on proper quality components that you actually hear, instead of loud chinese crap?

Switched out stock fans in my Synology RS1221+ for a pair of Noctua NF-A8s. We'll see about the temperatures long term, but I'm not putting it under heavy load, so it's probably going to be fine. It's amazing that now the "Quiet mode" is actually quiet. Heck even "Cool mode" is still almost silent. Now the most noise comes from UDM-Pro, which is going to be a bit tougher to silence.

These are actually the first Noctuas I ever used and wow. Maybe my PC needs fan replacements.

Electric Callboy dropped a new song. Well song is maybe not the correct term here, but they keep surprising: youtube.com/watch?v=Vf3LqQluWa

Discord account deleted, slowly progressing on practicing what I'm trying to preach.

I accidentally hit reset cmos instead of power on my desktop this morning 🤦‍♂️. I hope that XMPP was the only thing I changed

All the static site generators from markdown are great and produce really nice efficient way to host simple blogs. But there’s just something about being able to write/draft from mobile, or having proper cms where it’s really simple to do fancy stuff (as opposed to looking up how to format a table in markdown for 150th time)… Is there a wordpress that’s not a wordpress?

There's a great czech sci-fi series called Mycelium. Unlike GRRM, author of this series actually finished it. They also promised the last two books to come out in hard bindings (so the 8 books would spell out MYCELIUM on their back). Hard bindings of first and second are available, but the 7th and 8th aren't so far - now I don't know whether to buy the soft binding and finish the series, or to wait, because I'd really love to purchase the full set in hard binding.

I’m the type of person that is very rarely happy with a purchase/product. There are just a few cases where I managed to buy the endgame. I think that maybe I should start listing them.
I’m going to start with the backpack I’m gonna carry even to my own funeral I think. It would be very hard to convince me that there’s a better product than Peak Design everyday backpack. It stays up when you put it down, sturdy enough to protect everything inside, waterproof. Superb organization capabilities.

Trying to migrate away from spotify isn’t going well at all.

Requested deletion of my instagram account yesterday, after 10 years. My last meta product I had problems giving up.

It's amazing how 1.8MB game update on steam also meant 1.3GB of disk writes.

Exploring matrix discord birdging for one of my friends. Of course discord are even bigger PoS than I thought and are softlocking accounts if you're using external clients (because those only work with user token, which you can't use).
Even if we ignored all of the nasty data they gather, this is yet another reason to flee from them. Such a shame, cause their product is genuinely great.

Got coturn working on my matrix server. That was a PIA and I had to compromise on one piece of information I didn't want to have in the open directly. Hopefully it's hidden well enough.

What's the most ungooglable name you could name your technology?

Matrix. Not only movie, not only math, but also an audio company which has a product called element.

I'm gonna go scream at my wall for a while longer now. Thanks for listening.

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