I accidentally hit reset cmos instead of power on my desktop this morning 🤦‍♂️. I hope that XMPP was the only thing I changed

@DJetelina Wait, you have your desktop reset button connected to CMOS reset jumper or something? And why would you loose anything after resetting CMOS?

@ondra I have a reser cmos button on the back of my motherboard (yeah it’s an overkill style of a motherboard). It did reset all of the bios settings.

@ondra ah sorry it’s clear cmos not reset cmos. It’s right next to the power button (the motherboard is suitable for test benches so that’s why it has those buttons). And the way my desktop is positioned currently, the back is eqsier to reach than the front.

@DJetelina Oh OK, that sounds like disaster waiting to happen. :) And what does XMPP have to do with BIOS?

@ondra Did I mistake abbreviations? I meant XMP and additional P slipped in I guess 🤦‍♂️. I meant memory “overclock”

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