This month has been fairly eventful for my instance. It was really smooth before it started acting up. Here's hoping we'll be good for a while after all the improvements I made this week.

After a long while I checked twitter's actual homepage. Holy shit is that unusable. I wouldn't have lasted on twitter nowhere near enough without Tweetdeck. And I'm super happy I was able to nearly replicate my Tweetdeck setup on Mastodon.

Awful traffic jam on my way back to Prague this sunday, but at least I tested the best case scenario for my hybrid. It went as low as 2.0l/100km for a while!

Another day, another Zoe pic. But since I’m starting to actually federate and get followed a bit, it might be the last.
Anyhow I’m glad she’s living with no fear, unlike her father :)

Let’s abuse that there’s virtually noone around and that this instance is mine, to do something I really hate doing on different social media. Here’s a picture of my daughter!


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