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I know that @matrix is the backbone of the fediverse, but getting it up and running (with a few customizations) is no easy feat. I still have a few things to tweak, but hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Just adding more stuff.
Speaking about more stuff, I really hope synapse admin will ease a lot of the pains. If not that, then matrix-registration.
Anyhow, if you wanna chat,

Yes, back online and now I don't have to build Mastodon myself. arm64 for the win!

Wish me luck, there's a chance I forgot something and I'll be unable to recover this Mastodon instance. Hopefully not though.
64bit raspbian here I come, which should make everything so much smoother, mainly matrix setup.

I'm a huge Python fan, as most people who ever worked with it seriously. But ansible is a proof that it shouldn't be used clientside. The amount of issues I've been encountering because of python versions is insane

✅Home Assistant configuration moved to NAS.
✅nfs mounting issues solved (now mounting directly from docker-compose, rather than through os)
✅Mastodon almost done upgrading from 3.5.1 to 3.5.3

I will need to doublecheck, but I should be set for reinstalling the OS on the raspi to 64bit and having ansible ready to make it operational in minutes.

With all that said and done, I understimated the time (mostly spent building armv7 images of mastodon) required.

I have a tooting day today… Why does Apple Music in Carplay blasts basses to the point my ears hurt, but Spotify drowns them? is anyone else experiencing that?

The more I improve and focus my A/V setup both in the office and in the living room, the more clueless I am in what to aim for. There are so many properties to consider. And everything depends SO MUCH on what the piece of media was mastered on. Watching movies, listening to music and watching youtube all on the same setup produces so many different results.

I tend to work on the homelab during vacations. I was struggling to find the motivation these days. And as the last day off comes to close, my prometheus starts acting up, which gives me the motivation. Unfortunately I'm out of time now...

I finally managed to switch my mind back to normal, where home office is an exception and being in the offices is the norm. I no longer feel like a hypocrite :).
I love interacting with people I wouldn't normally interact with, I love being able to have a small chat with someone when we see each other instead of scheduling a call. I love lunches outside. I love the mind cleaning process of commuting.
For some of us, full remote is not the future and that's okay.

Finally motivated to move off of spotify. It keeps putting the same 30 songs to my playlists over and over. I’m sick of it

Interesting impact of the CF outage on my mastodon instance. I thought some regions didn't fail, but I can see Synthetic monitoring showing all of them in red.

Counting that and a power outage we had recently, I feel like 99.73% uptime in last 30 days is a really good result considering single raspi at home.

Here’s a thought about cookies.
Most website already have opt-in, it’s called registration. If a website visitor decides not to register or login, don’t track. Less data driven design would actually be better for the web anyway.

Cool, there’s a discount on crypto. In all seriousnes though, if there’s another ATH, I’ll be selling most of it. If not, I’m gonna let it rot forever.

Pulled the trigger on S95B. No regrets, it's so insanely beautiful!

I hate to admit it, but I don't hate Diablo Immortal.

Let’s br honest with each other and stop using the excuse of “not having enough time”. What everyone actually mean when they say that is “I’m not willing to make time for it, because I don’t see it as being important.” If we are honest about that, we can start discussing the core issues instead of crying about the old evil of time.

Watched Winter on Fire today. Looking at all those people in 2015 being very happy about their painful victory, looking forward to the west, realizing what's still ahead of them. I'm looking forward to the day Ukraine joins us as full member state in the EU. No country ever had to fight so hard for it, at least none that I'm aware of.

I just measured our distance from sofa to TV. Apparently the ideal TV size for that distance is 80". Which feels quite big, coming from 55". However the 55" is really small and I'm not satisfied. I thought 65" would make all the difference, but now I'm unsure.
On top of that, the new QD OLED panels will be only 55" and 65" for a while and those are quite exciting, but expensive.
Not sure what to do.

Both owncast and castopod projects look so good. If only I had a usecase for them :)

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